Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs)

Adversarial Training is a simple idea and its simplicity makes it approaching. A real concept that is progressing highly for Machine Learning and especially for generative models of neural networks. The basic approach for Generative adversarial networks is pitting algorithms against each other. This also gives a hope to increase and improve the AI accuracy and creating objects by the AI that require human creativity. The introduction of generative adversarial networks is called the most interesting and vast success in the field of artificial intelligence development and will make the field of AI more creative and human-like.

A generative adversarial network is a subpart of machine learning systems. It is a form of unsupervised learning. These are deep neural networks or architectures that are comprised of two nets, pitting one against the other.

GAN has great potential as it can mimic any type or any distribution of data. That is, GAN can be taught to create any set of data including images, sounds, music, speech, etc. Moreover, they can recreate all the above things that are eerily similar to our original data or dataset. They act as the robotics with a sense and gives out impressive output. This ability to create any type of new content makes it look and feel like somewhat a robotic magician or genius. The basic idea behind GAN is a data scientist that set up some competing sets of discriminative algorithms and generative algorithms for building up the simulations that further will end up giving the results to us.

The main benefit of generative adversarial networks is that a neural network only interprets and gives the result based on training data but it develops an understanding by generating new data every time and learning every time something new through all the process it has been in.

Although it is a type of deep neural network but this is hard as compared to all other deep learning fields that are currently present.

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